Our Projects

Making Things Better

We are installing water purification systems to improve the drinking water condition of the rural areas of Bangladesh. We are using clean energy to run these water purification systems. At the same time, we are taking necessary steps to reuse the grey water for safe sanitary system. The local people will be trained to operate and maintain these systems by themselves. So we are involved in community buildup as well.

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Water Purification Plant at Dakop
The primary objective of this project is to provide safe drinking water to the students of Kamini Basia High School and Suterkhali High School. A water purification plant with PV solar system will be implemented at Kamini Basia high school and only a water purification plant will be installed at Suterkhali High School at Dakop.
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Water Purification Plant
A Reverse Osmosis system was installed at Southkhali High School For Girls to provide pure and safe drinking water to the students and staffs of the school for free.