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Why Bangladesh?

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is among the first wave of nations that is facing the brunt of global climate change. The continual seepage of salt water into the waterways as well as in the soil has resulted in an environment that cannot support healthful living conditions for the population of the area.

What are our objectives?

The objective of this project is to provide drinking water and sanitation systems for Primary schools in remote southern coastal areas of Bangladesh which may be located outside the government provided power grid, or within the electric grid but with limited public utilities such as running water or operational sewage services.

What are our goals?

What are our goals?

• Provide free drinking water to the students of the selected school.
• Serve community’s drinking water needs in cost/payment basis.
• Remuneration gathered from the sale of water to be utilized for maintenance of the system.
• Implement a sanitation system for the students.
• Gray water from the system to be utilized in the sanitation system.

Why southwestern coastal region?

In the Southwestern Coastal region of Bangladesh, only 10% of the population has access to safe drinking water. The remaining 90% makes do with water from various sources that does not meet International standards of potable water.

Southwestern Coastal region has a high incidence of water-related diseases, poor nutrition indicators, absence of sustainable sanitation service provision, and an environmentally vulnerable population

Why southwestern coastal region?
Making things better

Making things better

1. Water purification systems will be installed to provide safe drinking water
2. Improved sanitation systems will alleviate Health and Malnutrition issues
3. Installation of Solar Power will provide improved lighting, ventilation, water purification and sanitation systems.
4. Awareness building will assist in ameliorating living conditions
5.Income generating activities will provide additional business opportunities, which in turn will generate greater overall societal affluence

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